Bewoners Health Innovation Campus

Jointly building a unique business climate

Both start-ups and (adult) companies working in 'health innovation', as well as companies and organisations that support and facilitate entrepreneurship within this industry, set up business at Health Innovation Campus. Together they create an open and innovative business environment. The campus site management is aimed at an ecosystem in which the presence of a wide range of entrepreneurs, (medical) disciplines and areas of expertise complement each other in the best possible way.

In terms of advice and support, the following organisations are located at the Health Innovation Campus:

Health Innovation Campus - site management
Innovation Consultancy Centre
MMC Innovation
Brabant Development Agency
Brainport Development NV
Brainport Next Move
Rabobank Innovation Service Teckle & Physicians desk
EHVLinc legal incubator
slimmerleven 2020

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We create an open innovation ecosystem, in which various disciplines inspire each other in entrepreneurship.