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Health Innovation Campus (HIC) is the location in the Brainport region where innovative products, services and processes are developed for use in healthcare. In addition to an excellent business climate, we offer a network of (medical) experts and facilities to speed up the development of your innovation. Together with Máxima Medical Centre (MMC), our partners, companies, and knowledge institutions, we focus on groundbreaking innovations, excellent applications and research in the healthcare sector.

Work in progress

Innovation is a ‘work in progress'. It does not stop at the initial brilliant idea. The idea is a starting point, from which great things may arise. But what are the ingredients for success in innovation and entrepreneurship? Healthcare will face some major changes in the next few years. What are the challenges and opportunities? How to go from a hype to a permanent feature? And do you have the right networks around you to go from start-up to scale-up?

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