What do we offer?

An innovative environment, a feeding ground for brilliant ideas

With Health Innovation Campus, Máxima Medical Centre has organised innovation close to the hospital. This means that a 'living lab' to test innovations is always at hand. Not only does the test environment contribute to the success of your company, but also the extensive network of (medical) experts, business developers, experienced entrepreneurs, researchers in the industry and knowledge institutions contribute to a successful start and optimal conditions for the further development and/or marketing of innovations.

Our way of working

First, we review if the Health Innovation Campus, and the associated MMC Incubator, is the right place for the activities of your company. After a first intake and assessment by our Diagnostic team, the concept for the innovation is submitted to a (medical) expert panel. They determine whether the innovation is viable and what the possibilities are. Sometimes, several sessions may be required for this. Next, an assessment is made of what is specifically needed.

Consider, for example, support for:

final development of concept; testing innovation within 'living lab' (test environment); drawing up your business plan; obtaining of funding; marketing and communication; and preconditions, such as applying for patents, trademark law, and privacy.

There is an extensive network of experts, connected with the campus and the incubator, who can guide you through the whole process as a mentor or coach.

Please contact us!

We are constantly looking for beautiful, groundbreaking and surprising innovations. We scout for them ourselves or they find their way to us, through our network. We are, however, an open innovation ecosystem. We are open to your ideas. We are curious to find out what you encounter when developing your innovation and, above all, we want to help you deal with this.

So don't hesitate, but contact us for a first intake!

An extensive network of (medical) experts contributes to the successful launch and growth of your company.
What else do we offer?

In addition to the above mentioned assessment and the support provided, being on the campus offers more advantages, for example:

  • multi-user or fixed workstations in the MMC Incubator;
  • your own office unit in the MMC Incubator;
  • 24/7 access to the MMC Incubator for residents;
  • plenty of parking space;
  • easy access by public transport;
  • innovation sessions for entrepreneurs and innovators;
  • facilities for you to organise events, drinks, lunches etc.; and
  • access for members to our valuable network of MMC Inc.