About MMC Incubator

Breeding ground for innovations in healthcare

The MMC Incubator is a dynamic environment in the heart of the healthcare practice, in which start-ups and seasoned entrepreneurs in the healthcare sector meet and exchange knowledge and skills. The building is directly linked to the hospital, near the MMC Academy training centre, which plays an important role in the guidance of the start-ups.

Dynamic and inspiring work environment

There are both multi-user and fixed workstations in the open ' innovatietuin' on the ground floor, available as separate office spaces and office units on the upper floor. The building has its own entrance and access system, a private lounge room and pantry with facilities for catering. There is sufficient parking space available nearby and the whole building is equipped with a fast optical fibre and Wi-Fi connection.

MMC Incubator is located on the Health Innovation Campus in Veldhoven, and together with the residents and our partners we create an inspiring environment in which healthcare or medical innovation can rapidly develop into a positive health impact and successful activities.

Fast and constant testing

Each resident actively contributes to that climate. Innovation has no single formula for success, but quickly and constantly testing and customising a renewal or proposition in relation to the real world is a prerequisite for rapid progression and result. Appropriate initiatives can find their way in this formula to, among other things:

  • (medical) specialists and test environments in MMC;
  • the network of MMC Inc.;
  • relevant regional knowledge and funding partners; and
  • activities organised and/or facilitated by the incubator.

This formula especially attracts initiatives that aim for an open innovation mindset. In addition, the formula makes the best possible use of the existing forces of current regional initiatives and institutions to efficiently achieve a lasting effect. The formula generates revenue only with the aim of deepening or widening the formula and thus the impact on participants and healthcare.

The MMC hospital Incubator gets hospital staff involved in innovations in a way that also contributes to the open innovation culture within the hospital itself.

Establishment in the MMC Incubator

In addition to the above support and the presence of a test environment, establishment in the MMC Incubator offers the following benefits:

multi-user or fixed workstations in the MMC Incubator; your own office unit in the MMC Incubator; 24/7 access to the MMC Incubator for residents; plenty of parking space; easy access by public transport; innovation sessions for entrepreneurs and innovators; facilities for you to organise events, drinks, lunches etc.; and access for members to our valuable network of MMC Inc.

More information on setting up business in the MMC Incubator? Please contact us!

Innovation Culture within Máxima Medical Centre

Máxima Medical Centre is co-founder of the MMC Incubator. Dutch hospitals will implement significant changes in the near future due to developments in the requirements by citizens (customers), governments, health insurers and by new opportunities offered by innovations in technology, communication and processes. Through the MMC Incubator, hospital staff are involved in innovations which contribute to the open innovation culture within the hospital itself.