About our campus

Regional ecosystem development for healthcare innovations

Health Innovation Campus is an open environment where parties work together, share knowledge and develop. We focus on encouraging innovations in healthcare by interaction between Máxima Medical Centre, healthcare organisations, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and educational institutions.

Health Innovation Campus focuses on strengthening the regional ecosystem in the area of broad integral and (top) clinical care. The developments are partially motivated by social and technological developments in the (national and international) care landscape, and by the opportunities in the region of Brainport created by clusters and crossovers between the 'care' and 'technology' domains.

Directing a substantive course

Máxima Medical Centre (MMC) plays a key role. This means that the future strategy of MMC and the associated key elements are essential for the development of Health Innovation Campus. The following themes serve as guidance for the substantive course: 'broad basic care', 'integrated delivery care, Pediatrics and Gynaecology’, ‘Oncology’ and ‘prevention, rehabilitation and sport' (preserving health). Supporting these are the themes 'ICT' and 'medical technology'. Within these themes, healthcare and knowledge institutions and companies work in close cooperation.

Important pillars are strengthening the regional ecosystem for innovation and economic development.

Pillars in the development

The development of Health Innovation Campus is based on the following three pillars:

  • facilitating the further development of the integrated regional ecosystem around comprehensive care;
  • establishment of companies and institutions that are sustainable and which add value to the range of care options of MMC and the region; and
  • functional and infrastructural upgrading of the site of MMC.

The first pillar reinforces the current regional ecosystem in which MMC and its cooperative relationships play an important role. The objective is to establish a strong regional network and cluster in the area of comprehensive healthcare and technology. The second pillar is an implementation of this and focuses on attracting partners to join us on campus. The third pillar is based on upgrading the environment and the spatial economic structure. Our objective is to optimise the business environment and climate.

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