About the Brainport region

Home to high-tech companies, R&D and educational institutions

Health Innovation Campus is located on the Brainport Avenue, in the heart of the Brainport region which is home to many high-tech companies, R&D and educational institutions. This region is characterised by the open innovative climate and the active cooperation within the multi-helix. The strong base in high-tech and industrial design, along with the many ongoing care initiatives and the two top clinical hospitals, make it a rich breeding ground for the current healthcare ecosystem. The region has the potential to be at the forefront, using technology to add more value to the healthcare sector. In addition, the region provides an excellent business climate, with many facilities in the areas of housing, culture and sports.

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The region is important and offers opportunities

  • Brainport Regio (Brainport Avenue)
  • BOM-Provincie
  • Eindhoven strong brand
  • TU/e (Science Park)
  • MUMC+
  • Fontys
  • ROC
  • Government
  • High Tech Campus