HIC Diagnosis team

Starting with a good 'diagnosis' for entrepreneurs

Before you start or establish your company, an assessment is performed to find out whether the Health Innovation Campus, and the associated MMC Incubator, is the right place for your company.

Tailored advice from a diagnostic team

After an initial intake interview and an assessment of your idea/innovation, the concept for the innovation is submitted to a (medical) expert panel, i.e. a tailored diagnostic team. This team consists of (medical) specialists and specialists in the specific area of work and other relevant disciplines. You will have the opportunity to pitch your idea/innovation to this team. The diagnostic team determines whether the innovation is 'viable' and what the possibilities are. Sometimes, more sessions than one may be needed. We then identify what the specific needs are and what next steps you can take. You will receive tailor-made advice that you can get to work with right away.

Are you wondering what the possibilities are? Please contact us!

The innovator is given the opportunity to present his or her innovation to the diagnostic team.