HIC Partners

Working together to build a campus with international appeal

Together with our partners we are building a campus for innovations in healthcare, with international appeal. Read more about our partners:

Máxima Medisch Centrum

Health Innovation Campus is an initiative of Máxima Medical Centre (MMC). MMC is the largest hospital in the South East of Brabant with special top clinical features including an intensive care unit for premature babies and a ward for complex pregnancies. Our 3,500 employees work at two locations: Eindhoven and Veldhoven. Because of these two locations, MMC can provide the best care and personal attention. Patients can rely on the quality, security and expertise of our major hospital organisation. At the same time, our patients are more than mere numbers: personal attention is paramount in everything we do. MMC is a member of the Association of top clinical teaching hospitals (STZ).

MMC Innovation

The changing healthcare landscape, where it’s unknown today what the care profile and patients’ demand for care will be tomorrow, brings new dynamics and acceleration in developments and innovations within healthcare. New medical technologies challenge healthcare professionals and administrators to make their range of care options meet these demands. In this changing world, care organisations are preparing themselves for the future.

MMC Employees are constantly working on delivering excellent care and investigating where healthcare can be improved. This is widely encouraged. The medical priorities and the programmes of potential centres of excellence provide guidance. MMC Innovation picks up the challenge with a twin-track approach: on the one hand, by drawing up a structural MMC-innovation programme and, on the other hand, by contributing to the strategic goals of Health Innovation Campus. By placing innovation in the MMC Incubator, this important theme will acquire a central, physical and recognisable location.

Brainport Development

Brainport Development is the economic development society of Brainport. The MMC Inc. network, connected with Health Innovation Campus and the MMC Incubator, is a unique driver of innovations in medical technology. Brainport Development, participating in MMC Inc., is a natural partner in development and implementation because the parties involved are reinforcing one another in achieving their goals. The power of the network lies in the fact that regional parties are involved according to everyone's unique power.

The access to facilities and staff of Máxima Medical Centre offers unique opportunities for start-ups, companies and people of the MMC to speed up their innovations. On behalf of Brainport Development, we make our own contribution by being accessible to innovators, and providing them with independent and disinterested support, with advice on financing and relevant organisations in the region of Brainport on all of these issues.

Innovation Consultancy Centre

The Innovation Consultancy Centre consists of specialists who (on the basis of non-profit start-ups and innovators) offer support with the goal of bringing the innovation to the market, including advice on drawing up the business plan, business model, or marketing communication plan, fund raising, finding the right networks and the necessary contacts. The Innovation Consultancy Centre is based in the MMC Incubator. The specialists come from Brainport Development, Brabant Development Agency, Rabobank, and the staff of Health Innovation Campus. Contact details for the Innovation Consultancy Centre can be found here

Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij

The Brabant Development Agency (BOM) is an economic development agency dedicated to facilitating the further growth of businesses in Brabant. BOM makes knowledge, capital, talent, market and facilities available to Brabant-based companies with the ambition and potential to grow, which come up with solutions for economic and social issues. This way, BOM contributes to sustainably strengthening the Brabant economy.

Health Innovation Campus offers an ideal environment for business activity and entrepreneurship in healthcare. The innovation is located close to the care practice. In this way, feasibility and concrete implementation can be explored at an early stage of the innovation process. BOM’s contributions to this process, both funding and specific (business) expertise, support the development and marketing of promising innovations in healthcare.

Brainport Next Move

TU/e, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Summa College, Brainport Development, BOM, and BrightMove participated in the creation of Next Move with a shared ambition: to bring together the fragmented range of entrepreneurs in the region and build a community that promotes cross-fertilisation and leads to growth in the number of starters, movers-on and SMEs. To be more specific: another 1000 starters and 200 growers by 2020. Next Move is physically present in the Multimedia Pavilion at the TU/e Campus in Eindhoven.


Active in your environment, together with our members and customers. That's Rabobank. Rabobank offers two services within Health Innovation Campus:

  • Teckle innovation service : we offer knowledge, resources and commitment to existing and current incubators in order to market new products or services. We are sparring partner, financier, insurer and networker.
  • Physicians desk : The specialists of our Physicians desk are the sparring partners for all physicians. We have a broad working area. Regardless of whether you are a trainee or already registered, Rabobank Physicians desk offers tailored advice for every physician.

With this combination we take an interest in stimulating more research and innovation in healthcare and technology on Health Innovation Campus.


As a principal supplier of Máxima Medical Centre, Ahrend Netherlands is a proud partner of Health Innovation Campus. Innovation and collaboration are our joint core values. In close consultation with Health Innovation Campus and students of Saint Lucas, Ahrend has made possible that a flexible, dynamic and innovative work environment has been created to facilitate the development of start-ups in the MMC Incubator. This cooperation allows Ahrend to share and increase knowledge by offering companies the opportunity for activity related work: an approach that supports users in different work environments which are tailored to the specific activities carried out.

Octrooicentrum Nederland
We are proud that the Netherlands Patent Office is also our partner. The Netherlands Patent Office supports the topic of intellectual property. More on this at www.rvo.nl/octrooien

Slimmer Leven

Slimmer Leven 2020 is an organized collaboration within South East Netherlands with Brainport Region Eindhoven as a core. Within this collaboration, the parties are bundled with a shared ambition: ensure significant breakthroughs in the area of ​​care, living and well-being that in the long run also bring about cost-saving for society and economic added value. With Slimmer Leven 2020, the collaborative partners aim for a breakthrough in maintaining and strengthening high quality of life for people through development and broad application of value-adding technological and innovative concepts for citizens. The parties come from government agencies, health care institutions, hospitals, housing corporations, welfare institutions, knowledge institutes, companies and health insurers.
 Because the Health Innovation Campus is a platform where care (related) parties meet, working together in an open environment, developing and sharing knowledge, it fits well with the ambitions of Slimmer Leven 2020. Like MMC, Slimmer Leven is convinced that health and quality of life of Brabanders can be improved by innovating in the field of disease prevention and health maintenance in chronic conditions. Science and innovation are in service of this shared vision, and the Health Innovation Campus gives concrete expression to this.

De Groof Accounts

Together with our partners, we are building a health care innovation campus with international appeal. We are proud that De Groof accountants and advisors is also our partner.

De Groof explains: SMEs are the right address at De Groof. We offer you a full service package at reasonable rates. With De Groof, you can bring in an accountant and advisor who has more than sufficient expertise, also in the broad sense, to be of full service to you.

Through a wide range of disciplines under one roof, we can not only take care of accounting, financial statements and tax returns, but we can also offer extensive financial advice and guidance.

How smart do you want to do business?

The answer to this question is yours. And we at De Groof are happy to help you. Because smart entrepreneurship is also closely linked to making choices based on reliable figures and clear analyses. And for that you are at the right address with us, whether it concerns administration, accountancy, taxation or human resources, for small to medium-sized enterprises.

As accountants and advisors, we support and assist you in carrying out your administration and reporting on the past. This forms the basis for us to advise you about the future. We think proactively with you about matters that concern you and developments that affect your business operations. We think along with you so you can deal with opportunities and possibilities in a smart way!

We have a broad experience with innovative start-up entrepreneurs. We have also built up special knowledge of the medical sector. For these reasons, a partnership with Incubator Health Innovation Campus is a logical confirmation of the existing relationships. We are very happy to meet the participants without any obligation.


ehvLINC is a legal incubator from Eindhoven, that enable startups to get the legal help for a fraction of the normal price. What do we actually offer? Legal advice provided by law students from various master studies at Tilburg University. Students cover three major legal areas:

  • Tech law (intellectual property & privacy);
  • Business law; and
  • Tax.

In order to guarantee quality of provided advice, students will work under the continuous supervision of one of our partner legal and tax partners (VDB Advocaten, Taxperience and ASML). Moreover, we work closely together with The Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Octrooicentrum Nederland (the Dutch Patent Office), which can provide you with additional support. Because all parties involved benefit from the collaboration the costs for running the project are very low, so no equity is taken from the startups.

For more information check the website: www.eindhovenlinc.com, or email to: frank@eindhovenlinc.com.  


Our promise: we make the entrepreneur and his company better at every stage of life and entrepreneurial life. We do this with high-quality knowledge, an independent view and a multidisciplinary view of the financial and tax practice of the entrepreneur and company.

We know your company through and through and add continuous value with sharp analyses, surprising insights and practical advice. This contributes to the success of your company and of you.

Online Business Coaching

Joanknecht is a leader in the development of online services that give entrepreneurs more opportunities. More clarity, more insight and therefore more control - at fixed costs. The organisation is designed for modern financial services using modern and online automation solutions.

Personal coach

Joanknecht is best compared to a personal coach. Someone who knows exactly the health of your organisation, knows what the qualities are and what is more difficult. Someone who keeps an eye on that. He sees the big line, and the challenges of every day. Someone with whom, based on your current financial well-being, you can set goals and work on better health, more flexibility, more resilience and more opportunities.

Active collaboration

In order to stay nourished in relevant developments, we do not stay behind our desk but maintain active relationships with our partners, suppliers and customers. Where we can, we combine our efforts to innovate together.

Collaboration Health Innovation Campus

Joanknecht sees challenges in the collaboration with Health Innovation Campus, we embrace innovative ideas and are willing to support start-ups in their further development. We already have a partnership with Nemo Healthcare BV, one of the parties based on the Health Innovation Campus.