Participate in the Health Pitch Event!

Written by: Eileen Platjouw

Innovators compete for a place on the Health Innovation Campus

Are you a (starting) entrepreneur from the Brainport region and want a flying start for your innovative care idea? Do you walk around with a care product or service that has not yet been put on the market, but it has been thought so far that you can present it in an appealing way? And do you have ears to apply your care innovation in Máxima Medical Center and deploy the extensive network of Health Innovation Campus to further develop and market your innovation? Then take part in the Health Pitch Event during the Dutch Technology Week.

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From all entries, up to 15 innovators are selected and invited for the preliminary round on Tuesday, May 16th. You will have 10 minutes to present your care idea to an expert panel consisting of clinicians, scientists and business people. The expert panel will then have a short opportunity to ask a few questions. The preliminary round is decided and is only attended by the expert panel, which of course confronts with the content of your presentation. At the end of the day, three innovators, whose expert panel is most impressed, will receive an invitation for the final on Friday, 19 May. The finalists are also published with a summary of their idea on the website of Health Innovation Campus.

During the final, the three finalists replay for an expert panel and audience. The expert panel, the public and the outside world will vote online after the pitches of the 3 finalists on the candidate of their choice. The one with the most votes wins the Health Pitch Event. The final is accompanied by chairman and inspirational speaker Anne Bruinvels. She is known for her engaging lectures on the future of healthcare and will open the final with a brief substantive lecture. This will take place on Friday May 19th in the Incubator of the Health Innovation Campus of Máxima Medical Center in Veldhoven.